Hello RVHS Class of 1991 Alumni!! Thanks to all who contributed in making our 20 year reunion a success! It was so wonderful to see everyone! There are two slide shows posted. One that was shown at the reunion dinner made up of old RVHS pics, as well as a slide show of pics from the whole reunion weekend! Hope you like them! Please keep in touch so we can get everyone at the next one!!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Favorite School Memories given by RVHS class of 1991

• I remember cheering for the Elks when they won the State Basketball Championship. They cut down the nets, but they left a piece up there. We lifted Christie Awtry up and took it! • We had a cheer that went “Hey you, with the ball, trip and fall” and one time we were doing that cheer and one of our players stole the ball from the other team and then tripped and fell... Oops... • I actually enjoyed the van/bus rides to games and competitions. We would all talk and laugh and have a good time. • I remember having many treats and fun activities in Physics class... We made cardboard boats once and brought them out to Bartlett Lake to test them. Jason Davis and Dustin Johnson used a huge watermelon box from Safeway. They had to get in it to see if it would float. They both stood in it and it sunk to the bottom, but it was so big the top was still out of the water! Very funny... • Thank you Mr. Fritz for keeping me interested in Math! • Mrs. Knight made Speech and Drama fun and interesting. She helped me find my voice. • The pride stick!! Did they really beat each other up to get it??? • I enjoyed watching the Elks run onto the field and break through the big banners while the band played! Once the banner did not break and we had a huge Elk Pile Up. • Hanging out with friends at Elkland • The field trips to the “big city”, AKA Phoenix • Round Valley School Spirit!!! • The games…I loved cheerleading, the assemblies, the bon fires…the dances after the games! • Growing up in a small town, knowing pretty much everyone at RVHS • Mrs. Rider actually did prepare me for college level English and I was very thankful for that! She taught me to love English and literature. Doc Thurber was a rock star! He taught me French for 3 years and how to play the violin! • Mrs. Haws was a serious multi-tasker who taught me to type, develop film, how to report in and edit a newspaper! • Mr. Corley was definitely a super cool teacher! He made chemistry interesting, fun and memorable. • Decorating our lockers • Band and our band trip to Magic Mountain • Mrs. Hamblin stayed after school to help me understand algebra and my grade went from a C to an A because she took the time out of her schedule to help. • Dances in the cafeteria • Night Snow Tubing in the winter • I always loved Mrs. Jessie Slade. She was just a kind counselor who took a genuine interest in the students of RVHS. • We did awesome things in home-Ec! I sewed an outfit that ran on the runway at the Round Valley Auditorium! Home-Ec is also where I got valuable experience in teaching and taking care of kids. I use all those skills on a daily basis. • Graduation Pranks • Summer Football Camp with Workman (yelling right outside my bedroom window) • Playing pranks on Mr. Smith. We had such fun in his class! • Football games outside in the cold. You had to bundle up with your friends to keep warm and then jumping up out from under the quilt to scream and yell for an exciting play on the field. • Basketball games in the gym! The sounds of the squeaking shoes and the creaking wood on the floor and the thunder of cheers! Assemblies in the gym were awesome, too. • When Greg and the other student council members did the ding a ling song and the church lady skits!!! • 7th Grade Snake bite from “Huggie” the python. • Angela Palmrose (Ingram) playing Coach Workman in an assembly skit. To get the physical characteristics just right she walked around on her knees and stuffed the belly of her shirt. • Mr. Paul Pate (vocational Auto) made learning enjoyable. • The annual Ski club trip to Utah was pretty amazing. • One glaringly useful thing that I learned was how to type. • Mr. Lester showed me how to navigate Elk riddled mountain roads for hours on end. • Taking stats for wrestling with Marla Simshauser. • Making donut runs. • The one that always comes to mind is taking State in Softball as a senior. That was one of the best times. I always think of the sports that I played and the friendships that were made on each of those teams. • Coach Willis Haws was our Softball Coach when we took state, he gave each player an opportunity to show their ability and didn't care if you were one of the popular ones or one of the ones that was always chosen first. You got to play because you earned the right and because you worked hard to be able to play hard. • Freshman initiation...I don't know if they do anything like they did to us, but for volleyball we had to wear bell bottom pants and wear Noxima on our faces. My face was never so soft as it was when I finally washed that stuff off and to think, people wear bell bottoms these days as a fashion thing. • Water balloon fights that last week of school. • Hanging out at "the dirt" and looking for the party. • The first day of my Freshman year with high school being a brand new experience and filled with excitement & nervousness. • Going to a school that was small enough to almost know everyone. • Cruising Main Street • Playing foosball at Elkland • 8th grade Legislature trip was so fun! Coming from being so isolated in Round Valley to going to the big city and getting to do things that city kids take for granted. • Giving tours of the “new high school” to the incoming freshmen and demonstrating the self-flushing toilets! • Getting away with pretty much everything at school my senior year because I was in student council and the principal liked us! • Good friends, fun times, lasting memories!

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