Hello RVHS Class of 1991 Alumni!! Thanks to all who contributed in making our 20 year reunion a success! It was so wonderful to see everyone! There are two slide shows posted. One that was shown at the reunion dinner made up of old RVHS pics, as well as a slide show of pics from the whole reunion weekend! Hope you like them! Please keep in touch so we can get everyone at the next one!!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Reunion Dinner Awards!

(Thanks to Dustin and Bobby for being good sports! They clearly were not balding, and didn’t have grey hair! Dale was being a stinker and refused to take off his hat to show us what he had under there, and those were the only men we had at the dinner from our class!)

• Most Excited for Reunion - Party Hat, Beads, Glasses, Horn
Tosha Scott who made flight reservations almost a year early

• Most Grey Hair – Just for Men Hair Color
Dustin (just to be nice, he volunteered for it even though he didn’t show any grey)

• Most Children – Calgon Bath & Ear Plugs
Tosha Scott with 8 children

• Newest Parent – Energy Drink
Amber Blair Stahr who has a beautiful baby girl

• Newest Grandparent – “Grandkids” Picture Frame
Kristen Smith has an adorable Grandson

• Longest Married – Sparkling Cider & K-Y jelly
Becky Wilkins Johnson has been married to Stuart Johnson for 19 years!

• Most Recently Married – Sparkling Cider & K-Y jelly
Amber Blair Stahr got married about a year and a half ago

• Most Educated Classmate – Degree Frame
Amber Whiting has TWO Bachelors and a Masters Degree!

• Least Traveled Classmate – Vacation Magazine & Luggage Tags
Andrea Martin Greer who lives in RV (she did move away for a little while before moving back)

• Most Dangerous Career – “Last Will and Testament” kit
Gaylene Tool for fireworks. She actually wires the explosives, designs the launch area and makes sure they go off right. WOW!

• Most Hair Lost – Giant Comb
Bobby Whitehead (by default!)

• Most Exciting / Interesting Career – Newsweek Photo Frame
Melony Darnell Opheim who counsels sex offenders

• Farthest Traveled Classmate – Rolled Travel Blanket
Bobby Whitehead (he won over Tosha by 100 miles!)

Thanks to Renae Martin Thomas for putting this together. It was so fun!!

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